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Permanent offers you natural-looking radiance with fast fast recovery so you can put your fresh face forward fast.

Our experienced Permanent Makeup Artists have performed Permanent Makeup such as Eyebrow Permanent, Eyeline Permanent and Lipline Permanent for hundreds of customers. We will make your eyebrows and eyelines look exactly the way you want in a very natural way. Topical anesthetic is applied to reduce the discomfort for the procedures. We also have Laser Tatoo Removing equipment to remove the old permanent that you no longer like when necessary before we do the new permanent for you.

Service Time Price Members
Permanent Eyebrows
A permanent eyebrow can be your solution to an enhanced face. The eyebrow frames your face. Our make up artists will design a brow according your face shape, arch bone(s) and personal preference. The right brow can help to lift your face and take away signs of aging. Please call us for more information.
- $250 $220
Permanent Eyeliner
Just like putting eyeliner onto your eyes, except you won't have to go through the hassle of doing it everyday anymore! Applied thinly, eyeliner tattoo can create the effect of thicker eyelashes. A cat-eye effect can also be created. It's all personal preference! Please call us for more information.
- $300 top and bottom,
$180 top OR bottom.
$280 for top
and bottom
$150 top OR bottom.
Permanent Lip Liner
Lip liner enhances your lips and can define its shape and size. It can make your lips look more plump and profoundly effect the shape of your chin.
- $250 $220
Eyelash Extensions
We have all types of lashes, whether you prefer super light and natural or thick and more profound. (We also carry lashes that come in threes).

Individual lashes are applied onto your own lashes to make your lashes look more full (and/or longer). We use the highest quality glue, which allows for longer adherence to your lashes and won't cause damage or discomfort.
- $85 $70
Eyelash Perming - $30 $25
Eyelash Tinting - $30 $25
Eyebrow Embroidery
This technique is recommended for those who lack eyebrow hair and prefer a very natural appearance. Hair-like strokes are embroidered in, creating an effect as though there are individual hairs drawn into the brows. Please call us for more information.
- $300 $275
Bridal Make-Up - $50 $40
Evening Make-Up - $35 $28
Day Time Make-Up - $25 $20
Beauty Mark/Mole Removal - $5 up N/A
Spa Manicure - $38 $30
Manicure - $10 $8
Spa Pedicure - $45 $40
Pedicure - $15 $12
Manicure & Pedicure - $22 -
Hand Paraffin Treatment 30 min. $25 $20
Foot Paraffin Treatment 30 min. $30 $25
LED Color Gel Manicure - $30
**Please call for more info.
UV Gel with 3D Nail Art - $65 & up
**Please call for more info.

**Gratuities are not reflected in the price of the service. Please call us if you have any questions
Gift certificates are available, call us for further info.
**We offer permanent laser hair removal. Please call us for price inquiry**